Gauge-It™ Table Saw GauageGauge-It™ Table Saw GauageGauge-It™ Angle and Miter Charts
The E. F. Boerder Company was founded by Eugene F. Boerder and his son, Larry E. Boerder in 1990. Eugene and Larry are both registered architects and avid, longtime woodworkers.

Their first product, the Gauge-It™ Thickness Gauge, was introduced in 1990. Since then, hundreds of thousands of Thickness Gauges have sold worldwide. Soon after the introduction of the Thickness Gauge, E.F. Boerder introduced the Gauge-It™ Saw Gauge, which has also sold well over a hundred thousand units worldwide.

The company is committed to providing highly accurate, durable, and reliable workshop tools. As such, all E.F. Boerder products are manufactured and assembled in the USA and constructed of the finest, most durable materials.

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