Even the best professional woodworkers rely on reference charts to ensure accurate measurements in the woodshop. And Gauge-It offers you two professional charts to assist in measuring some of the most common cuts in the woodshop -- angles and miter cuts. Your Gauge-It chart set includes:

      * Two fast, accurate, computer-generated charts for
        sampling cuts and mimicking joints.
      * Complete instructions for setting up and cutting plain
        and compound miter cuts.
      * The laminated surfaces on each chart serve as
        erasable, dry marker whiteboards for quick
        workshop calculations.

The Gauge-It Angle Chart, features an engineering compass rose for sampling cuts and mimicking actual miter joints to measurements within 0.25 accuracy. Simply rest your test cut on the chart and readjust the saw blade for exact angles every time. No other woodshop test comes as close to perfection.

The Gauge-It Miter Chart shows you how to successfully set up and cut plain and compound miters on your very first cut. The chart shows you how to establish a correct angle and determine the overall diameter of any polygon. It includes information on setting up compound cut polygons from 3 to 12 sides with side angles from 5 to 45.

Buy the entire Gauge-It product collection now and save! Purchase both the Gauge-It Table Saw AND the Gauge-It Thickness Gauge together today for just $47.95 complete, and receive the Gauge-It Measuring Charts absolutely FREE!
Woodworking measuring charts for angles and miters

• Guaranteed accuracy - provides precise measurements or return your charts for    100% refund.
• Non-technical tool - no calculations required.
• Cut accurate plain and compound miters the first time every time.
• Easy-to-use, easy-to-read.
• Eliminates wasted lumber - cut it correctly the first time.
• Saves project time - measure with Gauge-It and cut it once.
• Laminated surface suitable for rugged workshop wear and tear.
• Makes a perfect gift for any wood worker on your shopping list.

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